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Friday, December 6, 2019

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Monday, August 19, 2019

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Hint of the Week

Solar light reflector by Susan Hickman, stake goes through the center hole into the ground, light sits on top. You can also modify the base wider with small hole in it if you want to mount it on wood somewhere like your deck rail or a fence post

  1. Roll out a slab about ¼ inch
  2. Let the slab sit out uncovered. You can make this with a floppy slab but it is easier if it is close to leather hard.
  3. Cut the shape and size you want for the top. Something with a slight curve upward works best. For now leave the shape flat. Add what you want to the shape: More clay, coils, petals, stamps, texture etc.
  4. Drape this over the underside of a bowl or plaster mold (hump mold) with a cloth under it so it will be easy to take off later. This is how you get the bowl shape curve in the top to reflect the light. It also keeps the shape from sagging. Just a slight curve is all you need but it can also be a deep bowl shape.
  5. Cut a 50 cent size hole in the center of the back of you slab that is on the mold. Put a cool around the outside edge of the hole.
  6. Cut a slab for the base. This needs to be shorter than your stake and long enough to make a cylinder wide enough to support the top so it is stable in the kiln. The size will vary in proportion to the size of the reflector. Make a cylinder out of this and score, slip, and join the edges.
  7. Set the cylinder on the reflector while it is still on the mold with the small hole centered inside it. Mark its place by tracing around where it will join.
  8. Score and slip the cylinder and the reflector where it will be joined. Put it together. Add a ring of coil around the base where the cylinder attaches to the reflector and smooth it into the joint.
  9. The bottom of this piece is at the highest point of your work because you are looking at it upside down. So at the top of the cylinder,(which will be the bottom when you get it off the mold and stand it up): add a coil around the edge on the outside of the cylinder. This will keep it from tipping over.
  10. If you want to screw this down, make the base coil wider and put screw holes in it.