Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hint of the Week

Acrylic Paint on Pottery by Susan Hickman

Glazing can be frustrating since the color you paint is different than the final product. However, you can paint non-food items that will be indoors with acrylic paint. For containers, you may want to glaze and fire the inside before you paint the outside. These sculptures were painted with ceramic craft paints after their second cone appropriate firing. If you want a glossy finish, spray with Krylon clear gloss 2X. You can forego the clear spray paint, use a matte or satin clear spray, or coat with an acrylic glaze.

Check with Susan Hickman if you want more information. This is not “against the rules”. You will find many examples of painted sculpture in ceramic magazines.

Here is another piece that has been painted with acrylics. It is a “lantern” with a light inside. It is one of those battery operated push button globe lamps in the bottom. The inside of the lantern is painted white or could be glazed white, but the outside is painted with acrylics.
First lantern picture to the right is with the light out and the second shows it with the light on. 

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