Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December 8th Hint of the Week

SHAPES by Amy Horn from Pinterest at: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/281615782921843804/



Notes from CAG: Two things to think about in a cup are the handle and the lip. So besides the handle mentioned above another important area on a cup, is the lip or where your lips touch the cup. A lip that slants inward too much will make it dribble down your chin. A lip that is too thick feels awkward and of course a rough lip doesn’t feel good at all. Often the cup lips with a slight flare out and an indentation below the cup lip, for your lip, seem to feel the best. However, too small or narrow an opening on top of the cup will often hit you in the nose when you drink, same if your nose is too long.

So uncomfortable handle shapes or too small handles don’t feel good and/or don’t work. A general rule about handles is that a handle that sticks out, from the side of the cup, more than ½ the diameter of the opening looks out of proportion.To the comment from the author on the shrinkage of their clay, our shrink tests done at the guild on some common ∆10 Bray Clays showed a shrinkage of 12 - 25% with the average shrinkage around 15 - 17%. Generally the light porcelaineous clays shrink the most with Grolleg shrinking 22 - 25%. The dark clays generally shrink less than the light clays.

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