Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December 1st Hint of the Week

From “A Demonstration of Crayon Wax Resist on Pottery” By Beth Peterson See entire article and demo at: http://pottery.about.com/od/decoratingtechniques/ss/wax_crayon_demo.htm

Crayons, especially wax crayons, can be applied to a bisqued pot as a wax resist. They can allow you greater freedom in attaining thinner, crisper lines and are especially valuable for linear decorations. For these lines to remain after firing, however, you do need to be aware of how runny your glaze will be.

Warming the pot first will make the crayon draw much smoother lines on the pottery. You can easily accomplish that by blowing hot air on the bisqueware using a hairdryer.

….using the brightly colored crayon make it so much easier to see the waxed areas. The wax layer itself tends to be fairly thin with crayons, so that added color indication can be very helpful in knowing when a glaze was been completely wiped off the resist.

…All glazes must be cleaned off waxed areas. Otherwise, the glaze on top of the resist may adhere to the pot after the wax is burnt off, or the glaze may fall to the kiln shelf, melting there during firing.

To clean crayon resists, I find it easiest to use a cotton swab. However, when larger areas are to be cleaned sponges, damp rags, or damp paper towels are good choices

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