Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wine Wednesday with Kelly...

Kelly Rathbone put on a nice little informative chat about her history in the art world and her methods of glazing.  Audio visual technical difficulties with the projector made for a more intimate event as we huddled closer around her monitor to see Kelly's slides.
demo time: demonstrating her copper wash sponge bath
added some underglaze and worked up some fleshy details
There is something fascinating about watching someone work with figural sculpture. So surreal.

Thank you Kelly for sharing some of your process and all those recipes with us.  Thank you Joe for having a better seat than I did to get these pictures for us to share.  It was a good night with a good spread!  That chicken was tasty and it was all well rounded with some great salads and bread.

Here is Kelly's page again.  Please go check out her work and spread the word.

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