Monday, September 16, 2013

September 8th Hint of the Week

Repairing cracks with paper slip (From “Creative with Clay” by Charan Sachar)

If you are a potter and especially a handbuilder you must have come across the small hairline crack. It usually happens when pieces are made to dry too fast. Well sometimes you are in a rush, so what can you do?

I have used my paper slip which has worked everytime and also in cracks in bisque ware. All it contains is my clay body with toilet paper and water. Quick way to make it is use some bone dry clay, water soaked toilet paper and some water. No real propotion. Just use a hand blender to make this goop. You will know you have enough paper by looking at the fibers in the goopy slip.


All you do next is score and apply this goop where the crack is and burnish it smooth. Bisque as normal. You can use this to repair bisqued cracks too. For bisque cracks or joining broken pieces adding a little white glue helps to keep the pieces together while it dries. You still need to rebisque the piece before glazing it. 

I use this slip for all my handbuilding purposes, attaching handles, bottoms of pieces and it works great.

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