Wednesday, August 7, 2013


The board has approved and is working out details for members to act as personal trainers for new members. We often get requests for classes when we have none scheduled or for one-on-one instruction. These request are common in the summer when individuals having visiting family or friends, for a month or, and they all want instruction, but it does not coincide with a class. Tentatively the students will join the guild at the regular membership rates for the specific time they will be in instruction. Trainers will then negotiate their own rates in addition to the membership. However, personal trainers will have to be “vetted” first and the guild will have lists of personal trainers and their specialties. The board will have all these details worked out soon. The guild will also advertise personal training opportunities along with regular class ads.

Not a member but find this interesting?  Check out the About Us tab near the top of the page to find details about joining.

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