Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What to do with that Chia Pet

Add 1/4 cup of water to 2 teaspoons of chia seeds. After 15 minutes stir to moisten all seeds, then let it set for 24 hours. In another container,and at the same time, soak your chia pot for 24 hours.

Carefully apply the seeds evenly to the grooves of your planter, using your fingers, a small knife, or a spatula. Fill your chia pot to the top with water. Check the water level daily and add additional water whenever necessary. Some leakage in the drip tray is normal. Discard the accumulated leakage water daily.


Keep full of water. Moist seeds should sprout in 3-5 days.
When the air is dry, it is more challenging to keep the seeds moist enough to sprout properly. To promote germination of the seeds, "tent" a plastic bag over your chia pot. Do not allow the plastic to touch the planter! This will create a greenhouse environment for your chia pot. When most of the seeds have sprouted (about 3 to 4 days), remove the bag and place your chia pot in a sunny location.

A small amount of white "fuzz" is normal when your chia seeds first sprout. This is actually the emergence of "root hairs," and is the second stage of growth for your chia seeds. "Misting" your chia pot with a spray bottle will give the root hairs a less fuzzy appearance. If the fuzz persists past the first week, it is likely that you have a mildew problem. Your chia pot can still be used. Scrub the seeds off the planter using a brush. Soak your chia pot in a solution of 1 tablespoon bleach to 1 gallon of water for a half hour to remove any mildew residue. Rinse well with clear water and continue as above. Grows quickly to full coat. Reuse your chia pot indefinitely. Simply replant with chia seeds or similar herb seeds, such as basil, timothy, alfalfa, marjoram or thyme.
these instructions pertain to a Chia Pot that is abou the size of a softball or grapefruit -- adjust seed and water quantities accordingly.

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