Wednesday, May 23, 2012

2012 Annual Meeting

We had a great turn out for the annual meeting, with +30 members there in addition to about 10 more proxy votes submitted. So that is probably the largest number of votes cast at an annual meeting.

We all need to thank the outgoing board members for all their work, ideas and support. So thanks to Lois Neal, Steve Plettenberg, and Christy Wise for their service.

New Board:
Gene Hickman, President
Mike Dyrdahl, Vice President
Debbie Marks, Treasurer
Joe Lechtenberg, Membership
Bev Spoja, Secretary
Andrew Ray
Doug McDonald
Susan Mattson

We (the membership) also voted to hire Sarah Dragan as our new Studio Tech. Her position will begin on June 1. She has a pile of education behind her and wants to teach so introduce yourself and tap into that knowledge people.

The membership also decided that we will continue to take care of Spoji the kitty. It should be known that the decision on Spoji was left up to the membership and was never going to be a board verdict. The board serves the membership and the previous board never put their own interest before the guild membership's wishes. Keep this in mind if there is a hot issue you feel strongly about. Bring it up to a board member or better yet, a few board members. It is your guild too and it is up to you to make it and keep it the way you like it. STAY INVOLVED. With any organization, you get out of it what you put into it. 


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  1. Last week attended an annual meeting at one of meeting space San Francisco. Really liked the venue as it looks really awesome and planning to organize my meeting too here. Want to give my best that day. Hope will be able to do it.